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Helen Huang
02 January 2011 @ 02:20 am
Can't wait for the boyfriend to come bumbling back on a bus! :)
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Helen Huang
01 January 2011 @ 03:35 pm
Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars, Livejournal says on its frontpage. Very true, and very nice. Well it's New Year's Day currently, time to take stock of so many things in the past year. 2011 will definitely be a time to banish the ugly and embrace the beautiful. After all, we should only live for ourselves and those who really matter. Drains or radiators? The answer is obvious (and this has also come to be one of my favourite articles lol). Maybe I should scan it and put it up my wall as a constant reminder. :) I'm glad London has decided to become warm and welcoming in light of the new year - for once this strange weather has got it pat down. Shall do a bit of spring-cleaning and fridge-emptying as a symbol of decluttering for 2011!

Photos from the lovely dinner and gorgeous fireworks on New Year's Eve/Day last night.

We all headed to C'est Ici Brasserie for a pre-NYE fireworks dinner. Very nice ambience I must say, with Fashion TV on show which obviously got the guys very captivated for bits of dinner. Muj and his Adriana Lima. ;)

Seabass and potatoes! Lovely. Must remember to enjoy more seafood in 2011. :)

Tiramisu with ice-cream and strawberries for dessert, mmm.


This was the spot we managed to wrangle along the river after being swept by the insane crowd for 30 minutes from Embankment. I think in the end where we were was nearly much closer to St Paul's instead. Nonetheless view of fireworks was completely unaffected, it was tres amazing.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The first few sparkly fireworks post-countdown! (And note the power of zoom.)

One of my favourite shots - such a beautiful array of colours and variation. <3

All of us, taken only after the fireworks display ended (which lasted a good generous 10 minutes!). Lol tried my best with photoshopping some fireworks in - not the best but it will do for a bit of jazzing up. :) So happy to have ushered in the New Year on such an amazing note, Tom even (discreetly) brought along some champagne to celebrate!


So yes, in a nutshell: New year, new beginnings, away with the toxic and in with the beautiful! This will be a good year. Looking forward to 2011 with much love. x
Helen Huang
01 January 2011 @ 03:45 am
First day of 2011, first post of the decade, happy new year!

Just got back from the most amazing fireworks I've ever seen in my life - the magnificent annual London Eye display (that just goes on and on and on - awesome)! What a way to begin 2011. :) Too tired to put up photos from this lovely evening, shall post pictures from the day before the last day of 2010, also known as 30 December.

Finished latte love.

Days gone past but still with us.

Avec Aurelie! The caught-by-surprise expression! ;)


Resolutions are still in the mill, perhaps will whittle them down to about 5 in the end. But one very important one which I've tweeted about is to be unencumbered by the toxic behaviour of others, which has occurred a few times last year. Well we only live our lives once - as Muj says it is too short to live for others. So - for the want to live life fully and fearlesly? :) This will be a good motto to manoeuvre the days by.
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Helen Huang
29 December 2010 @ 02:35 pm
A little update on my Fitflops, which I've been wearing about the house for 5 days now.

1. Completely overrated and over-priced.
2. The Microwobbleboard should be renamed Microwrinklyboard - after just 2 days of walking (indoors!) huge creases started forming along the lengths of the sandals, making them look about 2 years more mature than they really are. Wrinkly shoes = old shoes! Ew.
3. Effects: So far none physically - definitely too early to tell, but when I go to bed parts of my leg actually aches, which is probably a good indication that something is getting a workout. We'll see whether any toning happens in the future!

But honestly in terms of working out, the gym is infinitely better for obvious reasons. However, I do like the uinque snakeskin appeal of my Fitflops and probably will wear them out once the weather gets warmer ... which is never at the moment. So yes best time to acquire Fitflops will most likely be in spring. Meanwhile these shoes can stay happy at home.
Helen Huang
29 December 2010 @ 12:40 am
Wow, only two more days before the big 2011 countdown, how quick it has been the past couple of days! Time to settle down comfortably at home, wait for a flurry of parcel deliveries to arrive and then BOOM - 2011. Still working on a list of potential resolutions, most of them seem to involve a fair bit of self-control (don't they always?).

Anyway pictures from post-Christmas!

Hare and Tortoise for dinner tonight - unhealthy but yum and whatever, dessert thereafter was the BOMB as photos will later reveal!

Malaysian Chicken Curry. Wonder how many chickens we actually consume in a lifetime? 1000?

KRISPY KREME CHRISTMAS BOX COLLECTION! Madness of 12 donuts - spot the little Rudolf ones at the back. Love it when there are small festive touches like that on food and places.

Jamie's awesome photography skills this looks nicer than pictures I'd take I think.



Okay so that's it for now, very much looking forward to the New Year and new outlooks! Sleepy time.
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Helen Huang
26 December 2010 @ 11:25 pm
The festive season is amazing but at the same time it is also a curse - I can't seem to stop popping chocolate or toffees into my mouth, consequentially now I can actually feel globules of flabs forming on my cheeks. Not a good sign. I think people make year-end resolutions as a relief to the decadence they've let themselves plunge into during Christmas. But yes. So there will be gym tomorrow, a bit of shopping for a rucksack and then BAYSWATER DUCK please shoot me now. At the same time I am very much looking forward to it. :)

Adhering to the coherence of this post I will now put up a couple of backlogged Nandos photos from 2 weeks ago. The unhealthy diet had already began back then, it would appear! But I love peri-peri oh dear.

This is actually my favourite little two-person booth at the Brunswick Nandos, have come here with different people more times than I can count over the past 2.5 years. Ahh nostalgia.

Waiting for our food, zz. (Note how cheeks are already beginning to puff!)

Peri-peri sauce, how succulent! With lots of sides, undoubtedly made delicious by dollops of butter and salt and goodness knows what other forms of calories. Okay I think one of the resolutions I should be making for 2011 is to talk less about calories and studying, seeing how ranting on about either does not actually help reduce/increase the amount of one or the other respectively.

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Helen Huang
26 December 2010 @ 02:55 am
It's never too early to start making resolutions. So here's one for the Christmas that has just passed: No more online shopping until April, I swear! Click-happy websites make my fingers go crazy!
Helen Huang
24 December 2010 @ 07:35 pm
Everyday should be like Christmas Eve - slightly frozen, very relaxed, full of little surprises and obviously furnished in anticipation for the coming day. We went to Dishoom this afternoon - a bombay-inspired cafe tucked away on the periphery of Covent Garden. Decor was incredibly charming in a colonial-type way, love the hawker-like vibes, they really add to the cosiness and authenticity. :)

Anyway the day aside - I think I am going to skip Boxing Day this year, not because I've suddenly developed a will of steel (I wish) but the pre-BD online sales have been more than satisfactory and I think I've pretty much managed to snap up all the various bargains that I want. Sneaky sneaky, these merchants. Plus the very thought of jostling with thirty thousand other frenzied shoppers/tourists on narrow British pavements (or in crammed, over-heated departmental stores) is horror inducing. Perhaps a bit of Westfields shopping on NYE will suffice.


The fountain at Russell Square. Was stupid to have worn tights, froze my ass off by the Thames after.

The interior of Dishoom! How casual and chillaxed does it look? (Love it.)

Adorable frames from the past - note a little festive touch on one of the fading photographs. ;)

Ooh Christmas special.

For starters: Pau Bhaji, very buttery satisfaction (try not to think of the calories when enjoying though!).

Amazing sweet-spicy calamari bits, the batter was to-die-for.

Our mains came in humble little pots; very deceiving portions however, have never felt so filled after lunch for a long time! Chicken berry briyani, ruby murray (lamb) and garlic naan bread.

Nom nom! Dubious looking cup at the side is actually hot spice-infused Indian chai.

Really don't know where the room for dessert came from; this was fresh mango with vanilla yogurt.

And then to the (freezing) riverside!

Lol failed shot - Ondrej wanted to take a photo with the Big Ben to create a personalised Christmas card for friends and family. We did eventually get a nice one with the red bus and everything. :) Maybe I should call this photo Big Ben and Little Ondrej.

As usual the sun's too hasty in its setting.

So yep. Another lazy holiday-day, not complaining though I could definitely use another three weeks of this lavish lull. Tomorrow's Christmas (why do these holidays come around so fast? I feel like Christmas last year has barely passed), not sure what we're doing but looking forward to it anyway. :) (Church would be a good start.) Merry Christmas!
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Helen Huang
24 December 2010 @ 05:30 pm
It's such an amazing feeling to be awoken by parcel delivery after parcel delivery, especially on a wintry Christmas Eve morning. Three of them in total, plus the much awaited (and very fully stuffed!) box from mom and dad. What timely arrival. Happy. :) Will post about lunch at Dishoom in a bit!
Helen Huang
23 December 2010 @ 01:30 pm
Drab library days.
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